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Virtual Property tours

Increase Buyer Interest

With over 90% of buyers beginning their property search online, our 360° virtual property tours enable prospective buyers to conveniently explore your property, setting it apart from the competition.

Sell Properties Faster

Our virtual tours reduce the number of just-looking candidates and attract committed buyers, minimising disruptions for you and inviting more serious buyers requesting a physical viewing.

Achieve Higher Sale Price

Our 360° virtual tours often captivate multiple potential buyers, resulting in multiple offers and higher sale prices.

Free Of Charge

We believe our virtual tours significantly help with the sale of your home. As a testament to this belief, we provide them free of charge on our no-sale no-fee service.

We at Integra-estates believe in the power of 360-degree virtual tours so much that we offer it to our vendors free of charge. This is because we understand the impact it can have on a property's saleability. Not only does it increase the number of interested buyers, but it also enhances the marketing of the property, making it stand out from the crowded competition.

Any potential purchaser is able to share the virtual tour with loved ones to get their opinion on the property on offer. This feature is particularly useful. It allows them to share the experience of viewing the property and receive feedback from trusted family and friends, which can help to confirm their decision and enhance the experience when friends and family are involved. This helps to cement the purchaser’s decision-making, which results in a significantly higher success rate.

Another huge benefit of the virtual tour is that it enables buyers to digitally revisit the property as often as they like, enabling them to become even more invested in the property. This means that they can work out things like the location of the sofa or what changes they would make to meet their lifestyle, which can help them to picture themselves living in the home. This level of engagement can significantly increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

Furthermore, virtual tours offer a level of transparency that traditional video tours cannot match. Buyers can see every detail of the property. This level of transparency builds trust and confidence in the buying process, which can ultimately lead to a successful sale.

Like Integra-estates, 360-degree virtual tours are becoming an increasingly popular and effective way to market and sell properties.

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